Cherrie Jen Magno Pat
by on September 18, 2018

How to Reach Your Potential for God?  Colosians 1:9-12

A.   Knowing God Better to do More Good.

Nothing wrong with advancing your personal goals. To be a better student, a better worker, a better spouse, or a better parent. To live up to your vocational or educational potential, or your financial potential. But we’re going to be talking about what you can do to live up to your spiritual potential which is I believe the supreme goal of all men. Your spiritual life is the center. Everything else flows out from there. 

Coming to Christ is only the beginning of reaching your full potential for God, but to do good to your neighboor, to be a worker of your church is a goal of a disciple, to share a good news and the love of Jesus is a goal of a real disciple. Dare yourself to do something radical for God. Share the gospel of love to your neighboor. Serving God by Serving Neighboors . Have your finger in every pie, don't just take a piece of a pie.

B.  More patience and endurance 

His glorious power will make you patient and strong enough   endure anything, and you will be truly happy. That's the by-product of patience & endurance - Happiness, success, favor. If you got a close relationship with God, mistakes are not a disaster. Mistakes are part of endurance that ushers us on reaching our potentials.

You really want to reach your full potential for God? Then Know God better, do good to all men, and have more patience and endurance!



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Marco Micola
Jonah 4 - is your comfort more important than the lost?
Cherrie Jen Magno Pat
nope brother, the lost is supreme mission of the cross. God deals each one according to his purpose. Success is even part of the psalmist, Joshua, and even Job was blessed with succcess after the test. Jesus is even of course not against success, 's his favor for us is not just about heaven and soul...View more
Adam Christian
People get caught up in who they are now. God gets caught up in who He is making you into. Thanks for the thoughts.