Joyce Cooper
by on February 7, 2019

IF it's for any other reason other than the pure worship of the Son Of God. and growing in the Spirit of Jesus then are we .just wasting our time.

If that be the case then the church has become nothing more but a social outlet where people can converse and meet..And wherein lays, all kinds of unmerciful gossip, backbiting, lust. unending talk of favored politicians and social events..sports, etc..etc..Where every kind of ungodly and false doctrine freely breeds, with each individual own blend of self-righteousness.

In such a church environment we no longer become comfortable with so-called brethren, but quite often become paranoid..A paranoia that manifests itself in the form of worry. Worry that consists of what people think of us in how we dress, our financial status (whether good or bad), our personal behavior outside the church and who heard about it and talks. Our latest family problem whether it be with children or spouses.The list, or should I say fear goes on and the Devils leisure. So then. If our hearts and minds while in church, were focused on the Cross of Calvary, and the Savior who bled and died there.

Then one could only imagine what this church, along with all the others' could achieve for The Glory Of God in this present world. By proclaiming with all it's might. Jesus is Lord. Jesus is Lord..!! Maranatha.. and amen.

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