Psalm 145:4 (NKJV): "One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts."     stock image courtesy of: thumbs.dreamtime.com

Tonight's Championship Bout: Millennials Verses Boomers. Ding!

One thing I love about kindergarteners is how they "just have to tell you something RIGHT NOW" or they'll explode! Or at least think they will. 

That said, you can imagine how I felt when I saw the Internet headline: "Baby boomers are stealing big-time from millenials," I felt the sudden urge to make an important observation. One the article, and most of the mainstream media, for that matter, always seems to miss.

First, let me give the trigger warnings all too common in today's social media environment: If you're easily offended turn away now, and don't bombard me with all the typical hashtag "notallboomersarelikethat" or "beingmillennialdoesnotequatesnowflake" rhetoric. If you can't tell the difference between averaged statistical generalizations and specified personal observances by now there's no helping you.

Pause. Breathe. Continue.

The article was from The Houston Chronicle and was published on Oct 12, 2018. To read it yourself, hyperlink to:

https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/columnists/tomlinson/amp/Baby-boomer-are-stealing-from-Millennials-13302287.php {site not link able from this location. You'll need to cut and paste to see it.}

The article opened with the dire proclamation, "The most heinous case of intergenerational theft in American history is underway, and few people seem to care."

I care about people who suffer from natural disasters. It doesn't mean I'm in a position to do anything to help them.

I find it hilarious these groups accusingly point to the other as "the most selfish people EVER" while simultaneously ignoring how much they're fundamentally alike. Ask aloud which of these is the "me" generation, the answer you're liable to get is "yes."

One thing I stress when I teach is almost every question asked is usually some variant of either "What's different?" or "What's the same?"

In this case, we'll go with, "Who's missing?"

Boomers are generally accepted as having been born, give or take a year or two, between the years of 1946 and 1964. For Millennials, it was roughly 1984 to 2003. 

What happened during the intervening eighteen years? Did human pregnancy go on a two-decade sabbatical? Did the world undergo some sort of relativistic time skip? 

"Hello? Yes, officer. I'd like to file a missing person's report. May I get sixty-five million forms, please?"

Like many of my peers, I fall into the oft ignored Generation X category. The losers. The slackers. The ones whose parents were SO BAD they left many of us no place to rebel except right back to Christ.

Our being ignored and forgotten about is nothing new. Millennials seem to think we're young boomers, and boomers seem to think we're old millennials. You might as well call us Generation X-cluded. It's been this way a long time. 

As a group, I believe Xers are becoming increasingly frustrated. The world we grew up in is gone, the  world we were promised never manifested, and the world we currently live in is falling apart. We feel neglected. We can't seem to catch a break. 

Keynote speaker Stacy Pederson* hits the nail on the head in her very funny six-minute YouTube video, "Generation X - Funny Forgotten Middle Child." Prepare to be tickled senseless as you hyperlink to:

-{Planned image would not transfer-sorry!}-


Alternatively, you can also see the video at:


For even more of her comedic insights, Stacy invites you to check out her website at StacyPederson.com.

While the issues about tax cuts without accompanying spending decreases is certainly valid, the generational "war" between boomers and millennials is but one more manifestation of how divided America really is, currently.

Christ warned it will only get worse as we approach and enter the end times. In Matthew 10:21 (NIV) He tells us, "Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death."

If Generation X is to make an impact, it may not be in an area most people expect.** We're a bit like Noah, or Adam and Eve; bridging the gap between an old and a new world. Remembering what was, but realizing we've no choice but to start anew.

No matter what generation you happen to represent, or what world you happen to live in, if you're a Christian, you're just an ambassador to this planet. Store your treasures where your heart should be. In heaven.***
* Stacy is a fellow believer, and is active on LinkedIn, Facebook; and just joined the Jesus Social media platform. She has okayed this article's links for both her video and her website. Thank you, Stacy. You're a blessing to all of us.
** i.e. politics, the economy, the changing workplace, social norms, etc.
*** Matthew 6:20 (NIV): "But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal." Words to live by, and a reminder of where our true destiny lies.