Former Athletic Director and influential booster Pat Kilkenny to speak on the state of Oregon Ducks Football https://www.ducksfanscollegeshop.com/120-Ducks_Ty_Griffin_Jersey.Following Oregon embarrassing loss to the Stanford Cardinal, a team ranked 116th in Total Offense that was able to put up 50+ inside Autzen Stadium, columnist and radio show host John Canzano began the game of coaching intrigue that was sure to follow with this tweet Oregon Ducks booster Pat Kilkenny former UO AD reached out just now and requested a spot on Monday radio show. Noon. 750TheGameArticle continues below ... John Canzano November 13, 2016Kilkenny served as Oregon athletic director from 2007 to 2009 and is perhaps the Ducks biggest benefactor after Phil Knight. That he holds a certain level of influence within the halls of the Hatfield-Dowlin complex is a given. But why he reached out to a local radio show following the loss remains a mystery. Oregon has always been a program with a certain degree of mystery surrounding it. Infighting and internal politics never leak out of its glass walls. And influential boosters certainly never go on air to� do what exactly We won know until Monday but there can only be a few reasons why Kilkenny would Sam Poutasi Jersey, not just agree to go on radio, but ask to go on radio.More from Autzen ZooStanford Runs Over Oregon Ducks, McCaffrey Leads Ground Attack1 d agoOregon Ducks vs Stanford Cardinal Look-In Preview, In Game Analysis1 d agoOregon Ducks vs Stanford Cardinal Three Things Ill Be Watching1 d agoRecord Crowd Watches Oregon Ducks Open 2016 With A Win Over Army2d agoOregon Ducks Extend Contract For Dana Altman Through 20232d agoEither a shakeup in the coaching staff occurs between now and then and Kilkenny comes out to sell the decision and the way the program is going to move forward M.J. Cage Jersey.Or, Kilkenny is going public with a show of support for head coach Mark Helfrich and the rest of the staff. If no news drops before midday Monday that would certainly seem the most logical explanation.Still, it a strange thing for one of the big money boosters behind Oregon football to come out and speak publicly about the program . Either scenario above would seem to call for the voice of the Athletic Director, not a former Athletic Director.