Mark 10:15 (NIV): "Truly I tell you, anyone who does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”     -{picture courtesy of: usd353.com }-


Working with kids, I've discovered nearly any moment can be teachable. Often, I'm the one doing the learning.

Six months after becoming a substitute teacher I encountered a young lady from a class I led the week previous. The experience had been positive.

In the hall she barely contained her excitement. She ran to me, smiling joyously.

A second later her expression changed. Even though she knew me, she forgot my name.

"Hello...Mr. Sub person," she awkwardly offered.

Playing along, I answered, "Hello...fifth-grade girl person." We laughed away the tense moment.

The comical exchange became our standard, personalized greeting to one another. Our own private joke. One that befuddled both fellow teachers and her classmates.

"Hello, Mr. Sub person."

"Hello, fifth-grade girl person."

She would greet me at recess, in the lunch room, and even when I hadn't saw her approach. My heart would warm as from behind I'd hear the familiar words, "Hello Mr. Sub person."

As the year progressed, she'd solicit my help even on days I wasn't her teacher. Whether it was understanding an academic problem, talking about personal difficulties, playing games, or organizing cookie boxes for in-school delivery.

Other students soon followed suit, trusting me with their issues, and so on. A gospel analogy in microcosm.

I daresay there were times the roles reversed and she wound up helping me.

She motivated me to do more than I dreamed possible. She even tried coming up with a list whereby everyone in her class could share their own special greeting with me. At eleven years old, she was inspiring.

When we approach our Creator, believers face a similar situation. We know who He is. We know something of His power. But there are things about Him we do not know. Consider:

At the burning bush (found in Exodus 3:14), the Lord replies to Moses' question about His name with, "...I Am that I Am."-KJV

Cross-reference this with what we learn in Revelation 19:12 (NIV): "...He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself."

Though the world doesn't understand, becomes confused, or considers it inappropriate, take joy in the special relationship you and The Lord have. Maybe start with your own, personalized version of, "Hello Mr. God person. Please help me today." Who knows where it will lead?