I'm really getting fed up with what some facebook members are doing. They are making friend requests and then when you check out their page, there is pornography on it! Sexual contact is something to be precious between a man and his wife. Why many people think that pornography, homosexuality and premarital sex are OK is a great mystery to me. In the past, I was a victim to pornography and premarital sex but God has freed me from that! I'm divorced now but I will stay celibate until I'm a married man or God takes me into Heaven. I'm really happy to be a member of Faith Social because I'm actually thinking of dropping my facebook account. I can keep in contact with my friends  and relatives by phone and e-mail. Why should i have to put up with all the nonsense that facebook has become?

HI i am the founder of whatgodhasdoneforme.com trying to do something about it
Kevin Crittenden
I'm glad that what I have mentioned above hasn't happened here. I am willing and able to prevent it from happening here. What can I do to help out?
thanks for visiting my site it is still a work in progress i welcome any advice you hav for me
Kevin Crittenden
INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION SYSTEM: In celebration of Jesus Social Network reaching 1005 members as of today, I have decided to let you all know about a form of business and potential ministry that I have established: International Education System is an online company that teaches/tutors others in the ...View more
Ogbo Ugochukwu
Brother Kevin,the Lord who is your strength shall establish it,and make explode with impactful testimonies!!!
Michael Long
I love the fact that you are here brother. It is our intent to keep this platform safe for Christians.
Anna Burney
I love this blog because I used to have Facebook. I deactivated my page last week and I havent looked back every since. It feels pretty good not to be on Facebook.
Kevin Crittenden
I don't miss facebook at all
Kevin Crittenden
UPDATE: I sense that God is calling me to return to China for part of the Summer of 2019 as a tourist. If I'm not working for a school or training center, I'd have more time and freedom to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people I meet. I would go to English Corners to witness and invite pe...View more
Kevin Crittenden
GOD USES ALL THINGS FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE HIM!: These words have been ringing in my head today. God is calling to look beyond myself and the injuries I've suffering over the past three years. Physical recovery is a painful experience. I came close to death on three occasions three times sin...View more