Bing Chang
Dancing In The Dark
Bing Chang - 4/23/2019
Moaning over my abject emptiness, I'm a puppet dangling at the end of torn strings.
Trapped in the cold air of darkness, I'm tapping my dance in lonely lifeless...View more

Elisabeth Scarborough
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Bing Chang
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Bing Chang
May I send Christian friends my Christmas greetings and well wishes by sharing my thoughts from our Holyland pilgrimage in November?
Holy land:
Where divinity and humanity meet;
Where Truth and mishearin...View more

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Bing Chang
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December 13, 2018
Emailin Gadolfo
Greetings , Have a great Christmas with your loved ones & friends! Thanks, & I enjoyed the pics
December 13, 2018
Caroline O
Thank you for sharing all the photos
December 13, 2018
Bing Chang
Excursion To The Dead Sea and Masada
Bing Chang - 11/23/2018
It was a green pasture in the Jordan Valley like the garden of the Lord.
The two wicked cities fell by the fire and brimstone under God's swor...View more

Katty Wiliams
Hello am Katty Williams widow suffering from cancer please I have a vital message to discuss with you so,please get back to me on here [email protected] or please give me your email address pleas...View more
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Bing Chang
Love relieves suffering
Love fills darkness.
Love defeats evil.
Love endures trial.
Love foresees good.
Love yields hope.
Love is a choice.
Bing Chang
The Kingdom Of God
Bing Chang - 2/20/2018
"Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth."
The glimmer of shrouded mystery allured me to peek for what it's worth.
With learned knowledge I...View more

Bing Chang
Substitutionary Acts
The toll of parenting vindicates youngsters of their greenness.
The polar bear's empty stomach in a gainful hunt relieves its cub's feebleness.
A generous tip which went viral paid f...View more

Bing Chang
Soul Care
Bing Chang - 6/24/2018
Emotion transpires when humanity stirs the soul.
Spirituality occurs when divinity touches the soul.
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