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Kenneth Johnson

Male. Lives in McPherson,  Kansas,  United States. Born on June 4, 1969 Married
Marry Marry
My name is Marryann
I saw your profile  today on (jesus.social) and
get interested to know you
here is my email ( [email protected] ) send me an
email so that i will send you my photos and tell ...View More

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Jeff Bayard
Hi Kenneth, I like your cover image and like this song. https://youtu.be/4wNpOeakhEM
Kenneth Johnson
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Kenneth Johnson
This is my "Church".
Never been one for large groups of people. That's the "anti-social" in me. I've always found that I prefer a one on one relationship. Kind of makes me wonder if this is from being...View More

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Bill Roop
Nothing wrong with solatude. I enjoy it myself.
Kenneth Johnson
Good morning all.
Had tp take a much needed break from the internet. Everyone needs a reset every once in a while.
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Bill Roop
That's very true!!!!!
Kenneth Johnson
Forgot just how much running the AKS kicks my butt. Went to bed right after work lol. Hope everyone has a blessed day.
Kenneth Johnson
Working the AKS today. Co worker put this on the door a couple weeks ago. In today's society I am amazed it is still up.
Have a blessed day all.
Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson
Good morning all
Have a Blessed day
Kenneth Johnson
You can tell by what I named this pic that I kind of surprised myself with this project. Best work I've put together yet. My Dad would be proud.
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About Me
I am who I am and sometimes I am confused with that?
I am a Christian who believes, but sometimes by ...View More