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Harry Graham

Male. Born on January 9, 1968 Married
Harry Graham
You won't Believe this
This is an incredibly hard post to write for I know ridicule and disbelief will follow it but that does not make it less true. Some of the language is a bit more formal since whe...View more

Harry Graham
Harry Graham
Heart stopping fear
Have you ever been in a place where you are facing a situation and you are afraid?
Not just that you might fail, but that you might succeed?
A fear where either option just has you pa...View more

Harry Graham
What must I do to be Saved?
The first question that comes to mind is: what is saved? Saved from What? Saved to what?
The 2nd question is how to be saved, what is the process?
The 3rd question is: that's ...View more

Harry Graham
If my People
Based on those few words you cam tell exactly the verse I am going to use here. It is kind of like the Christian safety blanket. We use it to show God can redeem us, that God can revive us...View more

Marry Marry
My name is Marryann
I saw your profile  today on (jesus.social) and
get interested to know you
here is my email ( [email protected] ) send me an
email so that i will send you my photos and tell ...View more

Harry Graham
No Respecter of persons
It has been said by me ,a lot, that God is no respecter of persons, and of course I have that from the New Testament.
In Acts 10:34 Peter tells us this.
Act 10:34 Then Peter open...View more

Harry Graham
An example of a changed life
Read a story. More of an account/interview really, of a band member from the nu-metal group KORN. Seems he found Christ who healed his life, and his family.
This man is all ...View more

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About Me
Living a life in PA married, work for a living, and a self published author. I am a fundamental ind...View more
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