Alex Smith

HYT introduced its new H5 watch model, which has been in development for more than three years. The collection was developed by watchmaker Eric Kudray. The Swiss manufacturer continues to use the patented microfluidic module to display time.

Following a visual concept of how time moves forward like water, the H5 has a three-dimensional Neoralite sapphire ring that shows time in several positions. Its design was inspired by smooth pebbles lying on the shore, whose edges have been honed for centuries by waves.

“In an era of impatient immediacy, the facets of the value of time risk being blurred. We dedicated the H5 to measuring time in such a way as to draw attention to its natural course and precious essence. An architectural approach inspired by erosion reveals layers that create the whole in all its purity. The destructive substance shows that if this does not happen, then the story will not be told. Three-dimensionality and transparency require viewing from all sides to a generation that is obsessed with artificial intelligence and virtual reality, ”- HYT.

Seiko will re-release the Chariot watch in the original design with a 33 mm case, and will also sell a slightly larger version - 37.5 mm. The watch with a white dial will be released in 1982, and with a black one even more limited - only 300 of them are collected. The cost of hours will be relatively small - 20 thousand Japanese yen (about 10,400 rubles). The start of sales is scheduled for March 10, but something tells us that the watch will be sold out instantly and will immediately appear on Ebay at much higher prices.

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