God bless you dear readers! Seeing this is a site for believers, I was wondering where are the spiritually and scripturally oriented posts? Are there any who have such interests? Not that a Christian Business Blog is not appreciated, but the Word would seem to be in high demand, or at least should be; what say you?

Contender's Edge

Contender's Edge seeks to offer just that.  The purpose of my blogsite is as its sub-header states: "Proclaiming The Faith,  Defending The Faith,  Reporting News That Matters Yet Not Widely Known, And Examining All Things Through Scripture's Eyes."

The site is new and I'll admit, an amateur site, but I hope that during your visit there, you will find what you are seeking:  The Word.  To learn more about me and the site, visit my page and there, you should be able to find a link to the Contender's Edge site.  Be aware that when you click on the link, you may find a message from the this platform that says that you are about to visit an untrusted site.  I assure you that the site is harmless and without any ill intent. 

I have just sent a message to the Jesus.social administration inquiring as to what can be done to assure any curious readers that Contender's Edge can be trusted so that they will not be deterred from visiting it, even if they do not agree with everything I write and post.

Over time, it is my goal to expand the site and eventually advance Contender's Edge to a more independently run website since it is currently located on a host site.  I am not the most technologically experienced person in the world, but I pray that will change.  For now, I just work with what God has given me and see where He will take me from there.  

Perhaps Contender's Edge just might, even on this platform, take part in generating more of the Bible-oriented discussions that you might be looking for.


The Lord be with you.

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Daniel Wordsmith Praymore

Thank you for the invitation; I have everything I need prophetically from Jesus and appreciate your work, while I remain with my ministry as guided by the Lord.

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