The TRUTH Under Fire
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Visit Our Website: It is our vision at The TRUTH Under FIRE  to herald without compromise the Truth as delivered to the church of the LORD Jesus Christ by way of the Holy Bible. It is our mission to bring various aspects of the Truth as found in scripture, and also to dispel deception as found everywhere else, by careful, verified research. We will cover political, religious/spiritual and social trends and current events and respond with biblically relevant insights, commentary and inspired truth. We will also cover topics of Truth where Christian experiences are concerned: from the spiritual rebirth to the sanctification of the believer, to victorious Christian living, to spiritual warfare and other topics. As well as this, we believe we, the church are responsible to give to every one the reason of the hope we have as Christians (1 Peter 3:15) and so we will engage in various apologetic articles as well. It is our supreme desire to inform, enlighten, encourage, to watch and warn, to edify and equip the saints in every capacity we can, and be a blessing for the church in obedience to the LORD's command to "love one another".
Anne Kisly
Birchman Baptist Motorcycle Ministry
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We are a growing group of men and women who love JESUS and who love motorcycles, spreading GOD's GOOD NEWS of Salvation along the way however we can. Our home area is greater Fort Worth, Texas. Come join us some Sunday [well, after the COVID-19 mess] at 9001 Normandale Rd,, Fort Worth, Texas, 76116  
bill davidson
Warrior Disciples of Christ
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Take up your Cross and deny yourself and follow Jesus Christ and become a Warrior Disciple of Christ and learn the better instructions before leaving earth this group is here for every member to teach each other and learn God's word's from one another without Heresy or misleading any Disciple in the knowledge of God! Were christians who want to serve God and pray to Remove Satan from his position in the Heavenly Realms to better our earth that God has created for us all to live in a peaceful life with God! 
Billy Englebright
Edward Farrell