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WWG1WGA Public Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialq/ Private Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialqanon/ YouTube Channel: https://www.Youtube.com/ThinkQAnon/   Official Q Drops can be found @: https://qanon.pub https://qmap.pub Q Disclosure Site(s) (1st Step in the Journey): https://www.ThinkQAnon.com https://www.TheMatrix.life https://www.WWG1WGA.space A group dedicated to the Q-Anon movement. No disinformation and only post facts. Do your research, but the community is for likeminded people who love freedom and justice for all. We believe that we can change the world for the better, with the movement of similar-minded individuals who love the truth, justice, and the American way. ---------------------------- Laws of Logic: Please Think Critically! YourLogicalFallacyis.com You will be called out if you try and make an argument here that goes against the Laws of Logic! ---------------------------- Here is a list of other Channels of Communication: TAKE THE RED PILL TODAY AND GET DAILY NEWS AND UPDATE BY FOLLOWING OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS BELOW: Join the Q Movement! (2nd Step in the Journey) https://www.JoinQanon.com Social Media: FB PAGE: https://www.Facebook.com/ThinkQAnon/ FB GROUP : https://www.Facebook.com/groups/officialqanon/ TWITTER : https://www.Twitter.com/ThinkQAnon Parler: https://www.PARLER.com/profile/ThinkQAnon/ GAB: https://www.GAB.com/ThinkQAnon https://www.GAB.com/groups/4528 MEWE: https://www.MEWE.com/join/ThinkQAnon USA.LIFE : https://www.USA.life/thinkqanon JESUS.SOCIAL : https://www.Jesus.social/qanon/ Other Video Sharing Sites for a FULL backup: YouTube: https://www.Youtube.com/ThinkQAnon/ Brighteon: https://www.Brighteon.com/channels/ThinkQAnon BitChute: https://www.Bitchute.com/channel/ThinkQAnon Phone: (702) 530-7762‬
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