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  Long ago in ancient Arcadia. It was said that it was once a land where the lions would sleep with the lambs, where God would forever bless the lands and people who lived there because of their loyalty and love. The two lands of the North and South were bound together in peace. Until one eventful day when a terrible storm came upon the land, a cloud of darkness created by the jealous Night Sorceress queen robbed the land and it’s creatures of its life force. Horrified by what they saw, the Northerners had to put a stop to the madness. They drove every last Night Sorceress to the South. And So, Arcadia became divided among all nations. In the North lay, only the human kingdoms as only in the South lay the Night Sorceress. Seekers is various stories in this universe where Seekers exist. The stories go from the main cast to the stand alone stories about new characters that effect the core story.
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After Rapture Packets
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If you are not a Pre-Tribulation believer, then this probably isn't the group for you.  A Rapture Packet is a packet of information that born again believers can leave behind for those who will be left behind after the Rapture. I hope that by creating this group, we can discuss our individual packets and what we have included in them, giving each other ideas and suggestions on how we can improve upon what we have already developed, and discuss ways to disseminate these packets. I also hope that this group will be an encouragement to others who may be interested in creating their own unique packets. Praise God there is a way to share God's word even after we're gone!
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