On the Battlefield
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This group is for all Prophetic Intercessors, Seers and Watchmen.  The days are evil and the Prophetic Intercessors, Seers and Watchmen must take their place on the wall and/or on the battlefield.  Have you been battling in isolation?  Is God calling you to band together with those of like gifting to fulfill corporate assignments, to share the things you are hearing, seeing, feeling, sensing?  Are you new to this and know you pray differently, but don't know why?  Then you've come to the right place.  We're all on the battlefield together regardless of roles and gift mixes. I have been a Prophetic Intercessor for 33 years and a Seer for the last 15 years.  I am a seasoned warrior and am looking for those eager to learn and those who are also seasoned and refined.  
Heather Hancock
3G Mission Ministries
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In short, 3G Mission Ministries is a Christ-centered, mission ministries. It is a vibrant and dedicated ministrywith a goal to glorify God through our daily activities; grow in Jesus Christ as we share the Word of God and His Love; and reachpeople through the internet and in local means to fulfill the Great Commission.
Jesus.Social Prayer Group
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This is a General Prayer group. This is intended for any and all prayer requests. This will also be used to the testing of our extensive Prayer functionality we are developing.
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Ahipo Doualehi
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