Femmy Agboola
Cherrie Jen Magno Pat
Four tourists in #Malaysia have been arrested for distributing #Christian materials at a resort island. Two women and two men, all from Finland, were taken into custody last week after police received...View More
Cherrie Jen Magno Pat
The #Billboard Music Award winner took to the stage Wednesday night to sing the title track from her new hit album which reached number one of the Top #Christian Albums chart and number three on the B...View More
Cris Banawe Magno Jr.
#WASHINGTON — International affairs expert and author Walter Russell Mead warned Friday that its #blasphemous for #Christian leaders to arrogantly invoke God in order to promote ideologies of pacifism...View More
Cherrie Jen Magno Pat
The text message was poignant and painful. An adult daughter, herself a committed #Christian, could not understand how her father, himself a minister, could support a "villain" like #Trump. A similar ...View More
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