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Gold Outperforms All Assets In 2020 YTD as Enters Seasonal Sweet Spot of July, August and September
https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2020-07-01/gold-outperforms-all-assets-2020-ytd-enters-seasonal-...View More

Think QAnon
Think QAnon
Another great quote:
not by works, so that no one can boast.
Eph 2:9
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Great quote
“When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War
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Think QAnon
Think QAnon
Tucker Rocks
FOX News’ Tucker Carlson Sets Record for Largest Audience in Cable News History by Calling for Equal Justice Under the Law and Free Speech
https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/fox-news...View More

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Things that make you say, --- HMMMMMM
Instagram brands Christian worship 'harmful'
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