10 Reasons on Why Cloud Computing Makes Your Employees Efficient   Migrating to the cloud is a huge decision and therefore you need to weigh several pros and cons of before making any sort of changes in your infrastructure and the way of working. The ultimate goal of doing any new change in an organization is increasing ROI (Return On Investment); which also directly proportional to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of the employees.   As per the surveys were done in the last decade, the organizations have voted in the favor of adopting cloud computing and said that they are benefitted from this change. Employee productivity has increased in multiple ways like reducing downtime, increasing communication efficiency and collaboration.   Here are 10 reasons on why cloud computing makes your employees efficient –   Reduction in Downtime   Seeing a downtime is a nightmare for the organizations and everyone wants an efficient service so that they hardly ever see this nightmare. Cloud service providers dedicate a special team to look after the smooth running of services for their clients. The technical support team ensures that the issues are responded at a faster rate. These steps help in reduction of the downtime and hence contributes in increasing employee productivity.   Optimum Usage of In-House Resources   To enhance the efficiency of the company for an increased time, the cloud computing team makes sure that the team doesn’t get stressed due to the day-to-day tasks. Instead, the service provider sees to it that the team focuses on the new strategies and customer-specific problems. So, the organization utilizes the IT resources more efficiently and divides the tasks according to the team’s expertise.   Enhancement in the Collaboration   The most known benefit of cloud computing is the ease of access. Employees are having the ease of accessibility by which they can fetch whatever they want from the cloud at anytime and anywhere. The feature of reaching out to the colleagues in real-time irrespective of location and time has given employees a liberty of work. Due to an increase in effective collaboration, companies have reported that productivity is increased by 400%! So, that is quite a big number!   Adaption with the Market   The clients after shifting to the cloud, get the ability to use the latest tools and features. The feature of scalability, especially the vertical auto-scaling feature caused a big revolution in the cloud industry. This rise in flexibility gives organizations the power to serve to the heavy load requirements of clients on demand. Having the right and time-saving tools can make the employees more productive.   Integration with Current Systems   Generally, the major amount of cloud computing platforms easily integrates into different software applications. This seamless integration offers various benefits to the employees like switching between the tools instead of the manual passing of the information. Automatic switching between the tools consumes less time and is very likely to be error-free.   Disaster Recovery and Prevention   There are situations where some sort of disaster can occur and wreak havoc on your organization. It may be due to online threats, malware or, ransomware attacks. The disaster recovery services provided by the cloud service providers can help you in dealing with such crisis situations. Due to virtualization, it is now possible to have multiple clones of your data easily available at the data centers.   Increase in the use of own devices   Any internet-connected device has the potential to turn into a work machine depending on the load that device can take and the functions which need to be operated. Employees can now become more responsive on-the-go and hence this increases the productivity.   Increased Competitiveness   After the research, many business owners say that they have gained a competitive position in the business race. Implementing cloud computing made them unable to capitalize the opportunities rapidly than other competitors. The technology gives organizations the power of speed and agility. Due to this power, the SMBs can easily come in the competition with bigger companies.   Security Services Virtualized Too   With an increasing number of security breaches, ransomware attacks, and online frauds, there is even more necessity of a top-notch security service. Such attacks restrict the employees from getting access to data files, and the downtime can affect the productivity. Reputed cloud service providers have specialized security services which can prevent such threats, and even if they happen, they can make you recover quickly. Thus, this security-as-a-service also increases the productivity of your organization.   Efficient Handling of Huge Chunks of Data   Due to cloud computing, handling the enormously increasing data is getting very smooth. Employees can sort, analyze, structure, design, and organize big data in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the data, statistics, and analytics can be easily shared and accessed across the organization, or even several branches of the organization swiftly in real-time. This makes decision-making super easy due to reducing the errors and repetitive efforts on the same tasks which lead to wastage of time.   All in all, cloud computing provides lots of ways which helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency of your organization and obviously in turn, of the employees.
The Passing of the Seasons by Adam Christian
The Passing of the Seasons:Tales of broken lives all around us is my first professionally published work of fiction. Each of the eight major characters featured give in turn their testimonials, exploring ideas about who they think God is, what he wants, and how this affects their relationships with one another. Some remain friends, while others will eventually go their separate ways. The story draws on life rather than starry-eyed idealism. Situations a person may encounter in the real world. This means faith is not instant, solutions are seldom neat, tidy, or conveniently timed, and belief is not an instant cure-all to worldly woes. I'm honored by the opportunity to share this story with you. Enjoy. The Passing of the Season is available for purchase (printed edition) through the various Ingram Publishing outlets such as the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. I have also seen it on Google books. It is published by Christian Faith Publishing. It is just under 150 pages. Retail is generally $14.95, but there are deals out there so look for them. An e-book version is in the works, but is not yet commercially available.  Web info: To go to the Christian Faith Publishing book website: To check out the book's 45 second YouTube trailer directly, Click on the following link: Note: This trailer is also accessible from the CFP book website or the Faith Social Network book site under the "Video" tab. An Amazon Author Page is live on It can now be found at: To see what the Barnes & Noble offers are, go to:;jsessionid=3BAF8C02C2DF40548B081FD4B138ABC4.prodny_store02-atgap01?ean=9781642588699 All links work. I'll keep you updated as news about this develops.
Dinosaur Adventure Land
DINOSAUR ADVENTURE LAND DAL is a Christian campground, science center, and adventure park that is dedicated to using science and dinosaurs to glorify God.  At DAL, kids can enjoy many exciting activities that teach both a science lesson and a spiritual lesson.  They can test their bravery with our Nerve Wracking ball, their strength with our Horsepower Pull, or their attention to detail with our Super Long Distance Paper Airplanes.  Families can enjoy themselves down by the lake with swimming, fishing, and boating, and the adventurous can have a blast on the zip lines and redneck water slide!  Take a tour in our science center, where you can journey through the days of creation and learn about the amazing design God put into His creation.  Stop in our bookstore for excellent resources on creation, the Bible, end times, and more!   Come visit us at Dinosaur Adventure Land!  Entrance is FREE!  We are located in lower Alabama just north of I-65 in the town of Lenox (please see our Home page for a map of how to get to DAL).  We are open Monday through Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM.  To reach the office, please call (855) 244-3466 ext. 1.  Stop in for our YouTube-famous Bible Study weeknights at 7:30 PM.   Volunteer at DAL!   Would you like to serve God at a ministry that is actively sharing the Gospel and changing lives?  Help out for the day, stay for the week, or see if a longer-term volunteer position is the right fit.  Free RV and camper hook-ups for volunteers on a first-come-first-serve basis, as well as limited cabin space.  Please contact Julie at (855) 244-3466, ext 1. 
A Renewed Life Therapy
Hi, Thank you for stopping by my page. I appreciate your interest. First let me tell you a little about me and then what I can do for you. I have spent the last 5 years vigorously studying the Word of God. I not only read the Holy Bible but have completed various courses and certifications on Biblical Studies. I have attained certifications in the following: Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner (CBT), Understanding PTSD, Phobias, & Trauma, Certifications in Hypnotherapy and Addiction Counseling, and have received an honorary PhD of Spiritual Metaphysics for my studies and dedication to building a spiritual relationship with our Creator. Above all of this though, more importantly, I have experienced life, in all of it’s ups and downs, winding roads, dead end roads, and even round-a-bouts. I have experienced many forms of loss. Losses due to natural death, suicide, drug overdoses, and accidental. I have experienced what it’s like to deal with not only drug addictions in the family but also alcoholism. I have experienced depression, anxiety, and anger. I know the seriousness of all of these situations which leads me to tell you how I can help you. Every one of us has the ability to heal, no matter what the circumstances. God has equipped us all the same way. Some of just don’t know how to tap into that peace, joy, forgiveness of self and others or we have difficulties with dealing with past experiences. We get so caught up in the situation we cannot seem to break free from it. Our focus becomes so narrow-sighted that we can’t even see the obvious. This is where I come in. I can begin to help you see things in a different light. See things from a different perspective. Giving you the tools you need to find yourself, your purpose. I will also help you understand how the Holy Bible can be the best tool for living a peaceful life. I will show you that a relationship with Jesus Christ is imperative. He is our strength, our peace, and our joy. You will begin to feel empowered. Your potential will surface. We all have the capability to be happy. We sometimes just need someone to open the door for us when we’ve lost our way. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through the email address on this page. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Sincerely, Robert John Bonus PhD