The Passing of the Seasons by Adam Christian
The Passing of the Seasons:Tales of broken lives all around us is my first professionally published work of fiction. Each of the eight major characters featured give in turn their testimonials, exploring ideas about who they think God is, what he wants, and how this affects their relationships with one another. Some remain friends, while others will eventually go their separate ways. The story draws on life rather than starry-eyed idealism. Situations a person may encounter in the real world. This means faith is not instant, solutions are seldom neat, tidy, or conveniently timed, and belief is not an instant cure-all to worldly woes. I'm honored by the opportunity to share this story with you. Enjoy. The Passing of the Season is available for purchase (printed edition) through the various Ingram Publishing outlets such as the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. I have also seen it on Google books. It is published by Christian Faith Publishing. It is just under 150 pages. Retail is generally $14.95, but there are deals out there so look for them. An e-book version is in the works, but is not yet commercially available.  Web info: To go to the Christian Faith Publishing book website: To check out the book's 45 second YouTube trailer directly, Click on the following link: Note: This trailer is also accessible from the CFP book website or the Faith Social Network book site under the "Video" tab. An Amazon Author Page is live on It can now be found at: To see what the Barnes & Noble offers are, go to:;jsessionid=3BAF8C02C2DF40548B081FD4B138ABC4.prodny_store02-atgap01?ean=9781642588699 All links work. I'll keep you updated as news about this develops.
Trinity United Methodist Church
Buncombe Street United Methodist Church was founded in 1834. The congregation was initially established as Greenville Methodist Episcopal Church in a frame building on Coffee Street. Land was deeded by Vardry McBee to be used to establish a church, a heritage we share with other downtown congregations: Christ Church First Presbyterian First Baptist In 1873 a new building was dedicated on property at the corner of Buncombe Street and Richardson Street and the name changed to Buncombe Street Methodist Episcopal Church, South. It is in this location that we continue to join together in worship, service and fellowship. The name of the church was changed in 1939 to Buncombe Street Methodist, and finally in 1968 to Buncombe Street United Methodist Church. Throughout our history, we have responded to the needs of our growing and thriving congregation with evolutions in our ministries and at least seven significant expansions and renovations to the facilities at 200 Buncombe Street. In 2017, we expanded in a new way when we adopted the former Trinity United Methodist Church at 2703 Augusta Street and made it a campus of Buncombe Street. Buncombe Street has consistently responded to the needs of our greater community. We have provided the nucleus for establishment of several suburban congregations. We have also provided leadership in the genesis and growth of agencies that serve our community: United Ministries, Greenville Free Medical Clinic, the Rescue Mission, and Triune Mercy Center, as well as Crisis Ministry at Buncombe Street. A commitment to growth, outreach, inclusion and stepping out with leaps of faith is evident throughout our history at Buncombe Street. That commitment to following where God leads us lives on today.