The Lord's Club is a whole new Christian church.  It is a Cafe Church type of church that does not have pews.  Just tables and chairs and hear the Word of God.  Christians like this concept because it is easier to lay the bible down than on laps.  Second of all, its easier to face to face with family and friends to discuss the Word of God before and after sermons.  

In meantime, we have Bible study held every Tuesday nights for Mens, Thursday for everyone, and Friday nights Deaf Christian Coffee.  All are provided with ASL.  Meets at 7 PM at Dunkin Donuts at 409 Seventh North Street, Liverpool, NY 13088.  It is right by Interstate 81 for easy access from back roads, 81, and the Interstate 90 (NYS Thruway).

The Lord's Club goal is to become a Cafe church one day and be open 18/7 (close to 24/7) and more.  To learn more about this, go check out our website  

God bless!