Heart of THE prophetsong
I was born and raised in South Philadelphia, the youngest son of the first Puerto Rican Mummer. My family is musically and artistically gifted on both my parents side. As a small child I idolized my older brother Eddie and wanted to be like him, who played harmonica and percussion. I wanted to play harmonica like my brother, so at the age of six I hounded my mother to no avail till she got me a harmonica, I have played that instrument since. Later I taught my self guitar, flute,recorder, pan pipe and other things, My music is a mixture of the different musical styles that I was raised with, Rock, Blues, with a little string band sound thrown in for flavor.
PeaceOutBreak (P.O.B)
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PeaceOutBreak (P.O.B) is studio for writing blogs, poems, etc., and for reading books, watching videos, prayer and worship, and listening to music.
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