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I was born and raised in South Philadelphia, the youngest son of the first Puerto Rican Mummer. My family is musically and artistically gifted on both my parents side. As a small child I idolized my older brother Eddie and wanted to be like him, who played harmonica and percussion. I wanted to play harmonica like my brother, so at the age of six I hounded my mother to no avail till she got me a harmonica, I have played that instrument since. Later I taught my self guitar, flute,recorder, pan pipe and other things, My music is a mixture of the different musical styles that I was raised with, Rock, Blues, with a little string band sound thrown in for flavor.
Mike Vargas
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PeaceOutBreak (P.O.B)
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PeaceOutBreak (P.O.B) is studio for writing blogs, poems, etc., and for reading books, watching videos, prayer and worship, and listening to music.
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"The Reluctant Wife"/ Book 1 THE HORNET'S NEST series
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"The Reluctant Wife" The Hornet's Nest series/ Book1 By Patricia Collier www.GatekeeperPress.com Christian/Historical/Romance   Sold as eBook at Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and many other eBook retailers        Jacob Stuart and his friends are veterans of the American Revolution, rebuilding their lives in Wilkes County, the area in Georgia where the fighting was so vicious that it was called the Hornet's Nest. Now Jacob is facing a task more daunting than fighting for freedom. He must inform his late friend's niece, Taberah McGregor, that they must wed one another to inherit his land and property.      Taberah has known sorrow and loneliness. When Jacob appears at her door, hope for her future is renewed.  Shortly after their marriage, just as their budding relationship is coming into full bloom, they are threatened by an unknown enemy. Will Taberah succeed in establishing a home and family as her life spirals out of control? More importantly, will she trust God's perfect plan for her life?        
Patricia Collier
Aiyanna BeAquene
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