Agape Marriage Retreat
Where building stronger families & communities Christ's way is our #1 concern! Marital Journey Come join our Certified Marriage Specialists for a time of restoration, enrichment, healing.  We believe strongly that biblical marriages are the key to helping our community grow stronger.  Agape Marriage Retreat aims to help couples who are struggling or seeking healthy tools to keep your marriage growing.  The Plans for Singles We also believe in assisting singles in making a Godly driven decision about marriage, so they will not desire to leave their marriage. We will help assist you with understanding the true meaning of Agape love.
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Unlocking Faith is a website which has the purpose of educating Christians on how to defend the faith biblically, learning God's word with our epic audio bible/commentary breaking down passages and painting a clear picture of God's word, being updated on ministry news and around the world, and much more. You will find new daily articles, videos and new bible commentary found on the front page at every week, where Christians can learn something new every week and grow stronger in the faith.
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Firefighters for Christ
Welcome to the Firefighters for Christ! This is where you can download all kinds of audio messages to enrich your study of God's word. We pray that you are blessed by this site and that you use the materials offered here to grow in your faith in Jesus Christ and to witness to others about what God has done for us all.
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