Bing Chang
on May 2, 2019
Dancing In The Dark
Bing Chang - 4/23/2019
Moaning over my abject emptiness, I'm a puppet dangling at the end of torn strings.
Trapped in the cold air of darkness, I'm tapping my dance in lonely lifeless swings.
When self-worthiness was sacked,
My begrimed heart cracked.
When dreams are gone,
The morning never dawns.
Weeping over the path of my destiny,
Where is the pathos of melody?
Hiding in my gloomy cocoon,
I chant my wailing tune.
My tears exude blood into my brokenness.
My soul fades into nothingness.
Oh, why should I scorn my shame?
Jesus shouldered all our blames.
Worthy is the Lamb,
The sacrificial I Am.
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