Bing Chang
on November 29, 2018
Excursion To The Dead Sea and Masada
Bing Chang - 11/23/2018
It was a green pasture in the Jordan Valley like the garden of the Lord.
The two wicked cities fell by the fire and brimstone under God's sword.
It has since become escaping refuge in the barren desert by the Salt Sea.
Threatened by his many enemies, King Herod built his fortress here to flee.
Revolting Zealots took this stronghold to resist Romans persecution.
After a long siege, the trapped resolved to remain free through self-execution.
The arid mountain caves preserved God's words for thousands of years.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, the find of the centuries, propitiously appeared,
One year before Israel's birth to fulfill Isaiah's foretelling of a sovereign nation.
The Isaiah's Scrolls also prophesized the birth of Christ for human salvation..
The consistency of the Scrolls with Scriptures yields faith with confidence.
We see the wonderful way God has perpetuated his words with credence.
The Dead Sea was once dried up from studying the sediment extraction.
Deformed seismite layer confirmed Sodom-Gomorrah's destruction.
Ezekiel foresaw fishermen spreading their nets along the shore. (Ezek 47:10)
Zechariah foresaw water from Jerusalem flowing to here for sure. (Zech 14:8)
Many sinkholes by the Dead Sea start to be filled with fresh water and fish.
This desert region, in due time, will be restored by God and again flourish.
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