Heidi Parker
on June 6, 2020
This picture is actually real it’s not Photoshopped. People didn’t mind being around Trump back in the days because he helped them. He donated money to their cause and now they’re acting like he’s racist.
Saul turned in the Bible was involved in the murder of Christians Acts 7:54-8:2 read for yourself turned into a Paul a warrior for Jesus Christ
President Trump was an insider in the inner circle deny it not Before Trump found the Lord was a GREAT SINNER as to the depth soon to become exposed to the world as well But became an outsider for the American People For Lord got a hold of Trump Like did Saul Paul in the Bible Knows the way with God guiding hand to do the exposing of this pure evil to the American people and the world
I've chosen to forgive President Trump and say thank you and bathe wash in prayer AMEN\0/
I as my ministry has chosen to give the victims age 2 on up a safety net to turn to and to bathe wash them in 24/7 around the clock prayer as surely they need and will need
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