Heidi Parker
on July 16, 2020
My wife and I both had long workdays, so we opted for a rare dinner out. After the meal, the waitress stopped and told us that an older gentleman across the restaurant (we didn't know the guy) had paid for our dinner, which was very nice. When I spotted the fellow outside the restaurant, I went over to say thanks and God bless.
The guy was wearing a mask, which gave me a twinge of guilt ... not because I have a problem with anyone wearing a mask, but because I've spent most of this week ranting about "the maskers" who go around "ordering" and "shaming" everyone who doesn't wear a mask. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I quietly told the Lord "thank you" for the both the blessing this gentleman had provided and the LESSON that I believe God had for me. (It is always humbling when I've been on a high horse and God takes me down a few notches. :))
Here's the lesson I got out of this: "Self, listen carefully. It is okay to resist tyranny and speak out against "mandatory masks." It is okay to disagree with those who want to order or shame others. BUT REMEMBER THAT LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE WEARING A MASK FOR THE RIGHT REASON ... they aren't out to shame anyone else or force everyone to conform. They aren't out to whip up fear. They are genuinely trying to be considerate.
There's another lesson to be gleaned from this gentleman's simple act of kindness: We're more likely to influence the opinions and behaviors of others if we let our own lights shine by our good deeds (see Matthew 5:16) as this fellow did, than if we "lecture" others about their deeds.
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