Cherrie Jen Magno Pat
on September 29, 2018
We learn to be committed to God, to a cause, to our family, to our job, to what is right by taking small steps forward and never looking back. #Commitment is important for #leaders because we won’t follow people who aren’t committed. If we don’t see our leader 100% committed to the cause, we won’t follow them. God needed #300 men to see Gideon’s complete commitment, so he nurtured that commitment until it was strong and when those men committed to Gideon and the cause of God, it gave them the strength to go into #battle armed only with torches and trumpets. God can nurture and strengthen our commitments if we will take the small steps forward and then keep on going and as we do, others will be drawn to our side willing to work with us. Just like passion and #courage, commitment is contagious.
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