Heidi Parker
on August 10, 2020
My kids witnessed history in Portland tonight. For me, this is all about the next generation (that’s my baby girl above) and what we leave behind for them. We MUST choose revival.
They saw thousands and thousands (still don’t have an accurate number but was the largest gathering yet) gather blocks from violent streets without fear and sing their hearts out.
They saw genuine racial reconciliation.
They saw hundreds get radically saved and set free.
They watched hundreds run down to the river to get baptized. Just like the Jesus People movement days.
They witnessed God show up in a place so many have written off.
I’ll have more to say later. But tonight may have been my favorite night of worship ever. I’m so glad we recorded it.
Thank you Portland.
Your courage and your sound tonight is going to shake the foundations of America.
#LetUsWorship #Portland
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