Heidi Parker
on September 28, 2020
We use Daniel 6:22 over our home and this is why
Whitehead Media Ventures NEWS!
“The building is full of bullet holes, orange paint marks where shell casings were found, car on the side of the building was lit-up and glass shattered! Look Whitehead, this was a massive shoot-out that sounded like a war zone” say source who witnessed the shooting at C & C Mini Mart at Pierce St and 12 Street Lynchburg last night!
One victim was transported to the hospital with a non-life threatening ankle wound say Lynchburg Police who are still investigating.
“We’re afraid to even go outside said some elderly residents who live near the store fearing continued violence.
“On top of all this last night, they were shooting Saturday night on Fillmore St and the store was just robbed last weekend said source.
As some fear returning to work, (between bullet holes) a note is posted on the door saying, “Will be closed today, Thanks!”
Was in area I live PRAY PRAY RE-PRAY
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