Anita Ivette Ferrer
on February 24, 2019
I'm putting out a clarion call to every member of the body of Christ, to seriously uphold our president and our nation to the Holy Courtroom of Jehovah God. I'm in league with a powerful group of anointed intercessors from ACROSS America who sacrifice of their busy lives to oppose demonic forces which are trying to destroy our nation and God's harvest..of SOULS!! Please take the time to seriously commit, (I commit 1-3 hours each day) to join with my brothers & sisters on the NSCP National Strategic Conference Prayer line, led by Pastor Ioan Peia nd Maureen Bravo, our leaders. This is serious business folks and I will be contacting many of you today for a solid commitment to intercede and TRAVAIL for our nation before the 2020 elections. The live of our children and grandchildren depend on our commitment to PRAY and REPENT (for our apathy in civic matters) each day. Join me and Shalom to you and your family.
Here is the number: 1-712-770-4340- access code 543 555#
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