Larry Long

Male. Lives in Seaside,  Oregon,  United States. Married
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Jerry B. A. Friend
To All My Hangnail Friends
Jerry - B. A. Friend
Article 9 by Jerry - B. A. Friend 10-2-19
Be a Friend Series, Jesus Social Network.
God bless you, my new friends, in your personal life and ministr...View More

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Jerry B. A. Friend
Be a Friend Series – All 8 Full Articles
Jerry - B.A.Friend
September, 2019, Jesus Social Network.
I hope they will be a blessing to all that will read them.
How to Live a Life as a Friend. Article 8
Do...View More

Jerry B. A. Friend
Jerry - B.A.Friend
I am trying to discover what God says, in the Bible, about being a friend, for all aspects of our lives. Below are my first 8 articles posted on my timeline, September 25 - 30, 2019...View More

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Marry Marry
My name is Marryann
I saw your profile  today on ( and
get interested to know you
here is my email ( ) send me an
email so that i will send you my photos and tell ...View More

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About Me
Retired Salvation Army Officer, retired city bus driver, currently greeter Walmart