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Michael Long

Male. Lives in Simpsonville,  South Carolina,  United States. Born on January 27, 1976 Married
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This is where to build your prayer life,  know more about the secrets of the Lord,  know more about the interpretation of your dreams and vision and ready to have an encounter with the Lord Almighty God  and Jesus Christ... 
God Dreams and Visions
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A MESSAGE FROM THIS SITE'S ADMINISTRATOR:  Brothers and sisters here is the group's description: A place to post dreams or visions you believe may be from God, to give or receive dream interpretations from myself or others and/or to share with others. I will delete at my discretion if the dream has cursing written in it or explicit (sexual) situations (those you can message me if you like, but if they are extreme my advice is to pray about it as we can receive dreams from the enemy and/or our flesh). Use discernment. Also, ONLY post biblical dreams and visions on here or articles pertaining to them. Encouraging pictures with scripture is fine too, occasional Christian songs, prophetic words and prayer requests. An occasional devotion or sermonette is fine also. I am rethinking on allowing teaching posts on here.  I have been allowing them for some time and they really are something we need, so I have decided teaching posts are allowable and I will include them in the group description.  Just don’t let them be the main focus versus dreams and visions.  AND ESPECIALLY DON’T GET INTO HEATED ARGUMENTS OVER DIFFERENCES. BE RESPECTFUL! That is all. Thank you. END OF DESCRIPTION  Personally I don't mind scripture or questions either, but please keep in moderation so that the dreams can been seen and not lost in other postings.  May God bless you all richly!
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Jesus.Social Prayer Group
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This is a General Prayer group. This is intended for any and all prayer requests. This will also be used to the testing of our extensive Prayer functionality we are developing.
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