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Anita Ivette Ferrer

Female. Lives in browns mills,  New Jersey,  United States. Married
Saji Varghese
shared a photo - with - with Heidi Parker and 34 others
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Simon moor
i know of this person as i have read his work , his heart was in the right place at that time God rest his soul Amen
December 19, 2019
Moazzam Haseeb Murad
its beautiful. thank you for sharing
3 hours ago
Anita Ivette Ferrer
Blessings to my friends and prayer warriors. May this blog inspire you to be a CHAMPION and a warrior of FAITH!!
Jerry B. A. Friend
friend request - happily married
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Anita Ivette Ferrer
Jerri, would you like to follow my wordpess blogposts?
October 8, 2019
Jerry B. A. Friend
I am a self proclaimed doctor of humility, humor and friendship. I teach people to be friends.
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Jerry B. A. Friend
To All the Glamorous Action Figure Members, in the Body,
Who Are Doing Awesome Things
Suffer The Little Hangnail Friends
Jerry - B. A. Friend
Article 9 by Jerry - B. A. Friend 10-2-19
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Mike Williams
HI, i am Mike,single seeking for a serious relationship what are you looking for here, are you interested in relationship if you are contact me so we can share pictures for more communication Email,wi...View More
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Jenny Wills
Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you. I will be happy if you write back to me through my email so that we can talk and know more about each other. Here's my Email: [email protected] gm ail. com
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Anita Ivette Ferrer
Hello Jenny and It's great to meet you also. before I give out my email thru yours Can you PM me here and tell me why you wish to contact me. I am an intercessor and Psalms. involved with teh conference intercessor each day.. I have a VERY limited amount of time due to a challenging health condit...View More
August 17, 2019
Anita Ivette Ferrer
Hello brothers and sisters. I am getting MANY freind requests and have quite a few in my circle, but I'm not getting any interaction and management. I'm here to promote Father's business, impacting t...View More
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Anita Ivette Ferrer
thank you my sister for your kind words , my post that i post om my page goes to all that are friends if i was to stop sending to you that would mean i must stop sending to all who are friends ,for i ...View More
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About Me
Shalom! Father God has called me to be a kingdom builder and for His glory,. I'm most concerened to ...View More