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Anita Ivette Ferrer

Female. Lives in browns mills,  New Jersey,  United States. Married
Anita Ivette Ferrer
I'm putting out a clarion call to every member of the body of Christ, to seriously uphold our president and our nation to the Holy Courtroom of Jehovah God. I'm in league with a powerful group of anoi...View more
Anita Ivette Ferrer
Blessings to all. Here is my latest wordpress blog. I will be releasing my next one, The Slaughter of the Innocents, about the harvesting of baby body parts and abortion. The church needs to engage an...View more
Anita Ivette Ferrer
I am hoping to gain new supporters for my music ministry and outreach, to the NJ youth, elderly and disabled. please pray about buying my songs which helps to provide my mentees with Christian materi...View more
Anita Ivette Ferrer
Beloved brothers and sisters. Here is the link for my Worship CD, The Anointingh, His Presence. Blessings to all and may you draw ever nearer to Abba Jehovah, Yashuah, and Holy Spirit!
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Anita Ivette Ferrer
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Anita Ivette Ferrer
I see quite a few people have friended me. I pray it is because they wish to support my youth and elderly outreach. BRAVE FLAME PRODUCTIONS. I'm not here for socializing, I am here to engage YOU and engage the culture for Christ!
February 5, 2019
Anita Ivette Ferrer
Thank you dear breothers and sisters who have requested freindship here on Socail Cross. I hope we are FREE to share a about Christ and His kingdom and my blogs.
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Anita Ivette Ferrer
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Anita Ivette Ferrer
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Shalom! Father God has called me to be a kingdom builder and for His glory,. I'm most concerened to ...View more