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Anita Ivette Ferrer

Female. Lives in browns mills,  New Jersey,  United States. Married
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Shalom! Father God has called me to be a kingdom builder and for His glory,. I'm most concerened to see everyone I can give their lives to Christ and to make disciples of men, women and children. I've been called into the ministry in 1982, starting with ministering to the sick, elderly and dying in nursing homes. I graduated from Brookdale college in 1989 Magna Cum Laude, majoring in the humanities, music, communications-graphic design and advanced creative writing.. I was invited to co-front a Christian hard rock band, with Lead guitarist Chris Durante and we ministered to prison inmates in maximum security prison and youth in correctional facilities. I also mentored youth from chaallnged families for two years and gave behavior Modification classess at the famed NUTRI-SYSTEM Weight loss Center of Eatontown, NJ. Lyme Disaese almost took my life in 1992 and I began a difficult life-threatening existance for several years. In 1998, I was hired as Program Coordiantor, a wonderful ministry of Love in the Name of Christ, Monmouth Ciounty, NJ. My program involved Social Service referees, (women enetering the work force from the welfrae roles and displaced homemakers). We serviced women with lightly-worn business clothing resume and business ettiquette. My tenure at LOVE INC lasted six years and honed me for my future mentoring, teaching and serving the poor, special needs population, the dying and the elderly in NJ. I'm well-acquainted with poverty, harships and especially life-treatening illnesses, TMJ-Dystonia has been a difficult journey since 2007. God continues to be faithful to me as I await the manifestation of a miraculous heali.ng and resoration of my body from Mercury Poisoning. Father God and Jesus also inspire me with new worship song, ( I released my 2nd worship album in 2017, The Anointing, His Presence and I seek a publisher for my 5 part series devotional ARISE FROM YOUR GRAVE and my Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum. I share a wealth of info for the Body of Christ and all seekers through my wordpress blogsite. GHere you can gain knowledge for spiritual growth, Health-Nutrition guidance and everything in between! May you be blessed as we connect here at Socail Cross.
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