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Kevin Crittenden

Male. Lives in Sandusky,  Michigan,  United States. Born on June 9, 1964
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I'm an American who was brought up in a small town who wanted to join the US Army right after I graduated from High School. I didn't pass the physical because they thought I had the signs of an eye disease. I went to Spring Arbor College for 5 years and got a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences. I wanted to be a Primary School teacher but I was pulled out of my student teaching after about the first week. I did a practicum at Head Start so I didn't get teaching certification. After graduation, I worked at Day Care Centers and Restaurants. in 1995, God called me to work with needy children in a Season Christian Camp called "Youth Haven Ranch". In 2000, I went to teach English in China. I met a Chinese woman and after dating for about 4 years, we got married. In 2005, we were parents of our son (Raymond). We all moved to the United Sates in 2009. My wife and I are now divorced and my son lives with me now. In 2015, I got hit by a car while crossing the street on my bike. I could gotten killed in that accident and I had at least 3 near death experiences since then. I'm considered disabled now but it some ways, I'm stronger than ever. I'm tougher in Chinese Kung Fu, creative in writing and my relationship with God is so strong that I wouldn't even try to stop myself from sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ if I could! God has proven to me that He uses all things for the good of those who love Him! I'm currently prayerfully seeking God as He's calling me to go back to China to teach English there in about 5-10 years from now. I also have been accepted to publish a book named "God's Healing Touch: 2015 and Beyond".. With me becoming a local deacon in my congregation, all of these things will prepare me for "undercover missions" in China again.
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June 9, 1964
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September 28, 2018
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