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Robert Miess

Male. Lives in Lebanon,  Missouri,  United States. Born on September 4, 1970

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Jenny Wills
Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you. I will be happy if you write back to me through my email so that we can talk and know more about each other. Here's my Email: [email protected] gm ail. com
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Jerry B. A. Friend
Are these scammers? Should we avoid posts with email addresses? The following people might be all the same person. Mike Williams?, Jenny Wills [Williams]?, Jennifer James? MarryMarry – Marryann? I do not know for sure. I am not saying any of them are.

I received this post from "Jennifer".
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Like October 6, 2019
Robert Miess
She sent me the same thing. Plus there are others out there
Like November 2, 2019