RevLynnMarie Walton

Female. Lives in Barstow,  California,  United States. Born on November 21, 1953 Married
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Kevin Thomas
Happy Birthday Rev Lynn God Bless you
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Thanks. I had a quiet 65th Birthday...
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Welcome to #FaithSocial Network!
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I Chron. 16:10-11  Glory in His Holy Name; let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the Lord!  Seek the Lord and His strength yearn for and seek His Face and to be in His presence continually.    Ampl...View More
My son, Ryan Whaley, and his wife (A Doctor) Dr. Katie Whaley
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Barstow? I used to live not to far from there in Orange County. The high desert is a nice place when it is not as hot as the sun! :) We are glad to have you on our network
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You mentioned that you were a Doctor. What is your PHD in? What kind of Medicine do you practice?
My husband has his Doctorate in Computer Science. I have a Master's in Communication Disorders (Speech/Language Pathology). My daughter-in-law has her Doctorate and is an OB/GYN Doctor in Rapid City, SD
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We are glad to have you here. My normal profile is Michael Long. I'll send a friend request with that account.
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I like this. Still waxing strong. God bless you both
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About Me
I am a spirit-filled Christian. Both my husband and myself are ordained Ministers. I am a retired ...View More