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Tin Salada

Female. Born on April 2, 1999
Sulat Baybayin Tagalog at Tagbanwa
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Sulat Baybayin Tagalog at Tagbanwa (Sulatin/Sulatin X) is a blog about the two ancient pre-Hispanic writing systems used by Pilipinos, the Baybayin of the Tagalogs and Tagbanwa of the Palaw'ans.  Website: https://sulatinx.blogspot.com/.
Tin Salada
Aiyanna BeAquene
Jone shen
PeaceOutBreak (P.O.B)
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PeaceOutBreak (P.O.B) is studio for writing blogs, poems, etc., and for reading books, watching videos, prayer and worship, and listening to music.
Tin Salada
Ceema Ajaylaa