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Ekemini Benson

Male. Lives in Uyo,  Nigeria. Born on May 16, 1961
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Marry Marry
My name is Marryann
I saw your profile  today on (jesus.social) and
get interested to know you
here is my email ( [email protected] ) send me an
email so that i will send you my photos and tell ...View more

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Marry Marry
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I am praying for an ELIJAH of today who will bring us to reality with God. Elijah to bring us to our knees for God, who will make us uncomfortable. God's standard alone, not mine or yours.
Let photos be censored. You are relating with me and I with you, but you post one pair of shoe as your photo. It meas I am equal to your shoe. Let the fear of God rule our hearts and directs our acts.
Calling on the Admin to protect us from hurtful responses. And for the need to let our conversation be seasoned with salt
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Bill Roop
Lead by example.
Been writing about Spiritual Growth lately
Spiritual Growth is the development of Christian Character
Character is a process
that takes TIME and PERSEVERANCE.
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