Jason Coplen

Male. Lives in Jackson,  Michigan,  United States. Born on October 18, 1971
Marry Marry
My name is Marryann
I saw your profile  today on (jesus.social) and
get interested to know you
here is my email ( [email protected] ) send me an
email so that i will send you my photos and tell ...View more

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I'll get a photo up in the next few days. I can't find one I like and will snap a new one.
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Bill Roop
Ok, we are waiting......lol
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updated his profile information.
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Inside the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy.
I made it and am here to soak in knowledge. Thank you for the invite, my good, dear friend!
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Kevin Crittenden
Jason, thanks for joining here on Jesus Social Network. I'm a moderator here so any thing you need help with let me know. I kissed facebook goodbye and I don't regret it!
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About Me
Not a whole lot to say. I was stricken with the disorder called agoraphobia (fear of crowds) in 2002...View more