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Jesus Social Admin
Please take the time to invite everyone you think would be a good Q Army Solder to this network.
In preparation for JoinQAnon.com 
Launching VERY SOON!
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Nancy Hill
This sounds like you guys are into dominionism and/or NAR. Is that true? If so, I do not need to be here
Like September 3, 2020
JSA are you aware of Qanon's non-biblical tenets? Also, is the Jesus Social Network affiliated with Qanon? If so, as for myself I must terminate our account. Please watch this video that exains the heart of this movement. But also please, explain why you support Qanon?
Like September 3, 2020
Anne Kisly
QAnon is not something I would recommend to anyone. It is not biblical at all.
Like September 3, 2020
Anne Kisly
Scripture is clear as to what Christians are called to do, and that is preach the gospel to the lost. They are also called to walk in the Light....not in darkness, not in anonymity following cryptic messages from an "unknown" source claiming to have truth. This is deception and it is dangerous. B... View More
Like September 3, 2020
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